My Old LibTech Blog (2013-2016)

Author: John Durno

For 4 years in the mid-teens I maintained a blog on the University of Victoria's Online Academic Community Wordpress site. I lost interest in it after a while, and in due course the blog was expunged from the server due to lack of activity. This static version was created using a perl script to convert a Wordpress XML export to HTML, and no effort was made to fix the broken image links that grace many of the posts. They were generally there just for decorative purposes anyway.

The intended focus of the blog was on emerging issues in Library Tech, and on how developments in the larger tech space were affecting libraries. Most of the matters discussed here are (as of 2022) now receding into the depths of history. It was a time of transition, but when it comes to information technology, when is it ever not? My favourite of these posts is the last.