John Durno


Shapes Blown Apart: Telidon Art and the Struggle to Appropriate Canadian Videotex, Télé-Visions: Séminaire Imago-Cultures Visuelles, January 25, 2024. One third of a seminar on Canadian telematic art, the other two presenters were Mikhel Proulx and Hank Bull.

Telidon Regained: Emulating 1980s Canadian Videotex Art, Re:Source 2023, Venice, Sept 16 2023. A much shorter version of "Hacking Telidon in the 21st Century", described immediately below this entry.

Hacking Telidon in the 21st Century, InterAccess, Toronto, Sept 8th 2023. Talk accompanying "Remember Tomorrow: A Telidon Story", an exhibition of Telidon art at the InterAccess media art centre in Toronto, curated by Shauna Jean Doherty. A fairly comprehensive overview of what Telidon was, how Telidon Art fit into it, and how I set about assembling the four interactive Telidon displays used in the exhibition.

Historic Computing Lab Keeps Tabs on Old Technology UVic, 2022. A short promotional video about our Historic Computing Lab.

Augmenting Accessibility for Web Emulations of 1980s Digital Artifacts Oct 18, 2021, Access 2021. Discussing strategies for adding mobile access, descriptive text, and language translation to Emscripten DOSBox, using the JS-DOS API. Which was a big focus of my 2021 research leave.

A Multiplayer Voxel Game World as Virtual Conference Space (lightning talk), Access 2020, Oct 20. Access 2020 was, of necessity, the first entirely online Access conference. This talk was about the Minetest server I set up so folks would have a virtual space other than Zoom in which to congregate and build things.

Videotex Art Restoration: Technical and Conceptual Challenges (poster), iPres 2019, Amsterdam, September 18, 2019. I was asked to prepare a one minute promotional video for my talk, which provided a great self-referential opportunity to use the videotex technologies that have been recovered during the course of this project.

The Lost Art of Telidon, Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest, Seattle, 2019. As I correctly anticipated the audience at a vintage computing festival would have a high tolerance for technical minutiae, this talk goes into greater depth about things like how the NAPLPS encoding worked than I do in my other presentations on the subject. The audio isn't great but you can still make out most of what I'm saying.

Retro-computing collection at UVic Libraries, Code4Lib BC, 2018

Digital archaeology: Excavating Telidon, InterAccess, Toronto, May 2018

Excavating the 80s: Strategies for restoring artifacts from the first era of personal computing, Access 2017, Saskatoon

Canadian Videotex Artists Restoration Project (Digital Demo) DHSI Colloquium 2017, Victoria

Building capacities in digital archaeology, COPPUL Webinar, December 7, 2016

Telidon lost and found: Reconstructing Glenn Howarth's digital artworks Archives Association of British Columbia Conference 2016, Vancouver

Restoring Telidon/NAPLPS Computer Graphics from the Early 1980s (Poster) DLF Forum 2015, Vancouver

The lost world of Telidon: Challenges in the conservation of Glenn Howarth's digital art, Access 2015, Toronto

Digital Forensics Project Summary, Sustaining Partnerships to Transform Scholarly Production (INKE Gathering 2015), Whistler BC

Growing the PLN: Challenges and Opportunities, Access 2014, Calgary (co-presenter, with Bronwen Sprout)

Building Digital Collections with the Internet Archive , CLA 2014, Victoria (co-presenter, with Corey Davis)

Evergreen: a good place to be, Evergreen International Conference: Open Library Ecosystem 2013, Vancouver (panellist)

Locked in the cloud: What lies beyond the peak of inflated expectations, Access 2012, Montreal (co-presenter, with Corey Davis)

Serials Solutions User Group (preconference), Access 2011, Vancouver (panellist)

Single Search? The promises and pitfalls of web-scale discovery (preconference), BC Library Conference 2011, Victoria (panellist)

GIS & open access geospatial data, Access 2010, Winnipeg (co-presenter, with Daniel Brendle-Moczuk)

Talking ‘bout my generation, Access 2010, Winnipeg (panellist)

Genius Loci: Libraries in transition, Access 2007, Victoria (co-presenter, with Martha Whitehead)

BCcampus Library Services, Canadian Association for Distance Education Conference, 2005 (co-presenter)

BCcampus: Library Services on the Expedia Model, Access 2004, Halifax (presenter)

Administrivia, International Coalition of Library Consortia, 15th Meeting, New Orleans, 2004 (panellist)

Z39.50 and the Quest for a Standard Standard, BCLA continuing education session, Douglas College, 2002 (presenter)

Try this at home: Off-site user Authentication, BC Library Conference, 2002 (convenor & co-presenter, with Mark Jordan and Charles Hogg )

Database Driven Websites, BC Library Conference, 2001 (co-presenter)


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